Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Life...

Right now consists of house hunting
And it sucks
That's all I gotta say...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So...This was a weekend full of fun
Bryce some how talked all of us into going on a ride at midnight...
We saw fresh cougar tracks on the way back to the cabin, through the pitch black scary creepy woods, no biggie.
Didn't bring any food so lived on cup-o-noodles. Yum
Boarded all day...Super fun (awesome pic Tanner snapped of Karissa!)
And Best of all Bryce broke his foot in two places. Just our luck
Of course I had to say..."Babe please don't break anything"...
Surgery soon :(
But all and all...Some pretty awesome memories with our super cool friends Tanner and Karissa

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pin Up

I love "Pin Up" Style. And really love Pin Up girls. I know they are Racy...get over it.
Its just the feeling when you look at the art of it. The story and history that speaks through the model.

I love this sensual style. I found a favorite artist of mine that captures this style perfectly.
Gil Elvgren. All of the photos are his art. He states so perfectly how I feel about pin ups and why I love them so much.(AND...she is holding a Coca-Cola.) Its real, life, fun, beautiful and sensual.
I do not care for the extremely racy photos you find with Pin Ups. But respect it. It still is what it is. The history behind it all.
And I like it.

And I quote.
"The beautiful Elvgren girls are never portrayed as a femme fatale. They are stylized ideals in which the realities and essentials of female form and expression are heightened and exalted artistically. Their charms are revealed in that fleeting instant when she’s been caught unaware in what might be a surprising, sometimes even embarrassing situation."

I could not have said it better myself. Maybe you don't understand it. But I love it. Some how this style is a part of me. Maybe its the naughty and nice. Somewhere deep downs she lives inside of me. I know what I like and I am not saying I will get a tattoo but a pin up girl would be part of my art.

I just might be a pin up girl for Halloween. Or maybe just a photo shoot. {Marie} :)

Oh one more thing. Don't think I left this baby behind in my check out cart from Victorias Secret recently. SO Pin Up! SO LOVE IT!

Ok it might show the bottom half of my Derriere...I still might sport it on the cruise next week.
Can't wait to blog some Cruise pics!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The New Years Res...

I do NOT like new years resolutions. I don't know why. Yes I do.
I don't like them because I don't need a "Resolution" to be a better me.
O.k maybe with some things...
But I still don't even like the word. I just get irritated when I even type resolution.

I want to be a good me with out the big ringing of the new year. I know I should be all year every year regardless of the res. I make. And I try.

A few things I must try to be better at not starting Jan. 1 {just because its Jan 1} So instead I am starting tomorrow which is Jan 31 and technically not a res. I only have three major things I want to change for me. In order from hardest to least hard for me...

Wake up!!! At a good routine-like-scheduled-time every morn that happens to be maybe the same time Monday-Friday. I strongly feel like this issue I have with the ayem is something that I have inherited and therefor not completely my fault. This is not an excuse to not change it, I know. I must...might keep the pattern going. Remember its not a res. So technically I can bend/ break this promise. I will try not to...Obviously I really hate this one.

Drink more water. This is another one that just really gets to me. I have this addiction called Coke. I have yet to blog about my addiction but I really am a Coca-cola girl. So nine times outta ten Coke trumps water. I could never truly part with my Coca-cola. Just justify it a little with a lot more water...ugh.

Exercise. Plain and simple. {Ha} don't we all want to do this one more. Swimming is my exercise of choice. And Big B and I are starting P90X soon. We plan to do two 90 day rounds of P90X. This will put us in perfect 6 pack shape right before boating season. We will see. The blogging fun to come when P90X starts!!! I am not worried about this one.

Monday, December 28, 2009

You still think your to young?

Yes...Yes I do. I was asked this question recently. It was not so much the question itself but how it was asked. You STILL think your to young to have children? Twenty three friends. Babies will come soon enough and I do want a big family. I always have and so has he. It will work out for us, I know your concerned about it. Thank you for wondering. Ask me a million times. But I will do it on my own terms. This is how I work...

Saturday, December 26, 2009


This Christmas was hard with out our "Big Guy"
It made us grateful for the things in life we do have. Loosing Viper was one of the most difficult things for us this year. We couldn't have asked for a better dog for the six years he was with us. He truly was the best friend any one could ask for. I am thankful we got the opportunity to have him with us for as long as we did.

Bryce and I bought him when we were still in high school. I still don't know how our parents put up with us. We just knew. We knew we would be together. So we bought a dog. He has brought so much joy to our lives. Just three Christmas ago {our first Christmas married} he knocked our tree down and opened all our presents! We had left him in the house and came home to the tree tipped over and wrapping paper everywhere. We were mad at the time but this Christmas with out him, I wouldn't change that memory for the life of me.

You will be missed big fella

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The look?

I realized something recently... All of you can relate. We all have one of "these people" in our family. You know. You know.
{The Look}
The {look} you give them as they walk into your Thanksgiving get together, a little late of course {fashionably} And...
You have been out dressed...again.
Even if your aware of this and you try to out-do-her.
You wait for the moment she arrives like, this year is going to be the year. Where they will have that bad day and show up in their sweats, hair pulled back. Ohhhh NO! Not this year either. She came with her hair did, a much-cuter-than-yours-sweater. Belt to just add to the envy. And the shoes...don't get me started.

Don't judge me...
It is in my blood.

I got {the look}
This was me recently, receiving {the look} And realizing it.

I am a confident person. Ask my mother. She reigns me in a bit. Love you mom. But a few things about me...

I don't care what you think of me.
I like to dress up.
For me {.}
I don't dress up for you. Or him for that matter. Because he tells me I look good when I just woke up with hair that looks like I dipped it into the heart of a tornado! Which I wake up with every.single.morn. Its annoying.
I want to enjoy the shoes I just bought for $5.00 (that hurt just a tiny bit) Still...
I want to enjoy the jeans I just bought that fit so perfectly

SO...When you give {me} the look just know this.

I don't really like to do my hair. But do anyways...for me.
My nails...ALWAYS ten different things. I don't care.
My toes...still sporting Halloween. Whatev

you will see me...

In my grungies at the grocery.
Not doing my hair because... I really don't like to do it
At the thanksgiving get together in my sweats...
At the mall in a hat

I am an all or nothing kinda girl. All out. Or not.
And I.don'
And I like me.
Either way. And so does he. This is why I love him so much.
{the look} you give me doesn't bother me. I know it is not completely my fault I like the things I do... :)